Fortnite Chapter 2 – Are There Bots In Fortnite?

Well, it’s a new chapter in Fortnite and with it brings a whole new world!


I think pretty much everyone was held in suspense when Epic Games decided to “go dark” with their most popular game by bringing everyone to a black hole loading screen after the live event for season 10, for almost 2 whole days!

Naturally we couldn’t wait to play Chapter 2 of Fortnite! When I woke up Tuesday morning, one of the first things I did was get my computer on so I could download the update, which honestly felt like forever!

I absolutely LOVED the intro and being thrown into a match right away with no skins, no map, and some awesome music to get you pumped up! You can check out my #FirstDrop in the video below!

However, I quickly noticed something was off. I had to ask the question: Are there bots in Fortnite?

Are There Bots?

At first I didn’t really notice the change. I was mostly playing team rumble matches to open up my map and explore this awesome new world! Everything was normal.

It wasn’t until I was playing some duo matches with my man, that we started to notice some “off” behavior from the other players. Their shooting was irregular. They were running into walls, breaking things and not picking up the loot or ammo, and they were way too easy to kill.

It didn’t take us long to realize that these were not real people playing at all! These were bots!

What. The. Heck.

Positives of Bots

In previous seasons, I knew where I stood compared to other players. I am an average player. I’m not strong in building skills like some of these wanna be try hards that like to build a tower in 3 seconds while I’m still trying to get the right gun out. Yes, I suck compared to the Pros. I have never denied this.

If I won a match, it was a great victory for me, and usually a fluke lol. I mean, I did sometimes win but it was not a regular occurrence. Mostly I enjoyed the rumble matches and LTM’s because they were a little more laid back in nature and a bit more fun for me.

I feel that having these bots in the game, have completely changed my game style in Fortnite. Where in the past I would be more of a passive player, I find now I am much more of an aggressive player.

When you start the game, and you go basically to any named location, there are bots that land there as well. It really boosts my confidence when I get some kills right away in the match. This gets me pumped up and excited for more. So instead of shying away from a confrontation, I am taking those shots and trying to get those kills.

Sometimes I get killed. Sometimes I don’t. More and more this season though, I am staying alive, and winning matches!

This boosts my stats considerably. My kills are going up, my wins are going up. Does this mean I became a better player? No. I don’t think I “got good” overnight, but it has improved my game play considerably.

Negatives of Bots?

I think it’s great that Epic Games has made Fortnite a much more fun game to play for us “average” players. We needed that to keep wanting to play. Like I stated before, I avoided solo matches because I knew I wasn’t good enough to win (unless by total accident), but now I am winning matches daily (not all in Solos, but also in Duos and Squads). This is not something that happened before Chapter 2.

However, do bots give us average players a false sense of being a better player than we actually are? I really think so. If you put me in a 1V1 match with any “good” player or streamer, I would likely humiliate myself.

I do believe there are more changes than just adding in the bots though.



I am sure you have noticed that now in Fortnite beside every player name is their level. It shows this to all the other players when you thank the bus driver.

But have you also noticed that most of the other players are lower level than you? Or equally leveled? Have you played any matches where the other players are “anonymous streamers” like previous seasons? Have you had ANY matches with players that are extremely higher leveled than you?

I am asking you this because I have noticed these things with my matches in Solos, Duos and Squads. I truly believe that Epic Games has incorporated Skill Based Match Making into the game play. This means that they are no longer just throwing everyone from the same region randomly into matches together. They are very specifically matching players with other players that are at the same skill level, and bots are the “filler” to make certain there are always 100 per match (this is my personal opinion and not confirmed). If this is true, this is GREAT! And in my personal opinion about time!

Now I know there are a lot of players that are going to complain about this. Heck you can’t make everyone happy, (and Kudos to Epic for continually trying). Now the streamers can play with streamers and the rest of us can enjoy the game again!

No matter what the complaints are out there, I am very happy with the changes. I LIKE getting more kills. I LIKE winning more matches, and I like feeling that I am not the worst player ever (which is how I felt before, and one of the main reasons I do not stream my game play).

I love this new Chapter in Fortnite and I am excited to see how this season will evolve, especially with Halloween and Christmas around the corner!


Speaking of the holidays, I am sure we all know someone (if not ourselves!) that wouldn’t mind some cool Fortnite swag?

So I searched the internet to find the swag and wanted to share the loot with you! Check it out.

Of course the best place to find the coolest stuff is from . They have it all! Clothing, accessories, action figures, they even have the Durrr Burger Onesie!!!!! I’m drooling RN. Seriously, I want this. Hint hint if my man reads this lol!

This was by far the best site for getting all the coolest loot.

There are the other obvious choices like amazon or Walmart, but honestly, go straight to source and buy from I know it’s a bit pricey, but they have the best selection.

If you want little cheap stocking stuffers however, then your local stores are gonna be loaded with that stuff for the holidays which are coming up rather quickly!

Last year I found cute little loot chests, and Lama plushies, which were really great for those little “filler” gifts, right at my local mall!

Let me know in the comments if you know of any cool sites to find some Fortnite Loot!

Until next time, have fun!

Peach, Love & Happiness!



**Disclaimer – is not affiliated with any of the above listed websites. Nor is liable for any issues arising from ordering from any of the above listed websites. If you have any issues, or need returns/refunds with orders from the above listed sites, you will have to deal with the vendor/seller directly.


Lego Minecraft Games – Your Best Shopping Guide!

If you are anything like my family, you love Lego and you love Minecraft. When Lego decided to put the 2 together it was a perfect blend! A video game where everything is block shaped, a toy that builds with blocks, what a beautiful combination. We, of course just had to get our hands on some kits! We were so excited to get them that we didn’t even open them for the longest time! However, we did finally break down to play with them. What good is a toy that never get’s played with? It was so much fun!

Now, if you are a parent you likely know that Minecraft is not a free game to play (they do have a demo version you can try for a very limited time). So I decided to search the internet to see if there were any free online Lego Minecraft games for your little ones to play.

Online Games:

Okay, I searched, and I searched, and searched some more. Honestly I was surprised to learn there is only one actual game you can play! If you have already played Minecraft then this game will not be exciting for you at all. I tried playing it myself and sadly found it very lacking, compared to the original game.

If you have a toddler who is learning to play on the computer, and you don’t want to pay to play, then you can check out the free game below. :

You will find that there are quite a few other websites that offer the same version of this game. I have explored all of them personally and they generate the same world, so it doesn’t really matter which site you choose.

The Lego world generated is in true Minecraft style. A very simple block world only with the basic of biome. Each time, I spawned in the water. I found the Island a bit small compared to the actual version of the game. You can however explore, mine materials, and build. Don’t dig to far down though, as you will fall through and re spawn back where you started. It is simple, but this is great for the younger crowd!


When we originally purchased our Lego Minecraft kits it was from a website that sadly no longer exists today. There are, however, many other sites where you can find them. As always, I looked around to see which sites offered these toys nowadays (I have a nephew who might be happy to get one of these, but last year it was Star Wars, so who knows what it will be this year lol), and here are some ones I found:


The first site I went to for toys related to Lego and Minecraft was Toys R Us Canada. Toys R Us Lego Minecraft

They have a large variety of kits available for a competitive price. I have to say that I am impressed with the variety you can get now. For the collector and player alike! All pricing is in CAD. You can find the full list of what they have to offer here:


My next stop was Walmart online. They also have quite a variety to choose from. Some of their pricing is really good when you catch a sale, so it’s always worth checking out to see what kind of deals you can find there. Walmart offers more than just the Lego kits if your child is really into Minecraft. You check out what they have here:


If you are shopping from the UK, then I found a cute little site called Smyths Toys. You can find all sorts of kits on their site.

Smyth Toys Lego Minecraft

Pricing seems pretty standard, and if you have an account with them, you get free delivery! That’s always nice! You can check out their website here for easy delivery to your friends/family abroad (or yourself, if that’s where you live and you are reading my article!):

If you are in a big rush, and absolutely cannot wait for delivery then you can also find these toys at most popular stores that carry games or toys, like EB Games:

My personal opinion, with Christmas around the corner it’s best to shop around. Find the best prices. All the sites listed above are going to have sales, so check them all out before making a decision if your looking for the best deals.


If your child is into reading (or not, maybe these books would get them interested in reading!) then try combining their love of Minecraft with some cool books. Minecraft Lab For Kids

Indigo books online has an amazing selection. Everything from adventure books to science experiment books (next science fair at school can be fun AND educational!) and even guides on all you need to know about surviving the Minecraft ocean, or enchantments and potions!

Check out the link below and get your child excited about reading for this school year!


My favorite part about T-shirts, is that nowadays they really are a form of self-expression. You can showcase your favorite bands and what concerts you have been to. You are able to show off your favorite super hero, T.V. show and of course video game!

Since my “favorite” geeky shopping site is no longer in existence (sad face), I had to peruse the internet to see where I can find some cool Minecraft shirts and clothing. And YAY! Did I ever get lucky! I found my new favorite site for ALL things Minecraft! is THE place to find everything you are looking for this Christmas/Birthday! From cute costumes, party supplies, clothing, board games, toys, you name it! They have it! I am very excited to share this site with. Especially if you are looking for some cool and interesting stuff for girls and boys alike!

Minecraft Charm BraceletMinecraft Winter Hat Minecraft T-shirt




You can search the internet for other places to find Minecraft swag, but in my personal opinion, no other site has this kind of variety. You can go into their sales category and sort from lowest to highest price to find all sorts of gifts for under $10! One cannot beat these kinds of deals!

I hope this guide was as helpful for you as it was fun for me to put together for you! Let me know what you think of these sites in the comments below!

P.S. If you like Minecraft check out my latest video:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Have Fun Shopping!

Peace, Love & Happiness!


**Disclaimer – is not affiliated with any of the above listed websites. Nor is liable for any issues arising from ordering from any of the above listed websites. If you have any issues, or need returns/refunds with orders from the above listed sites, you will have to deal with the vendor/seller directly.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Figures – And More!

I don’t know about you, but when I was a child and watched The Dark Crystal for the first time, I was terrified! The Skeksis were creepy, the setting was cold and dark, and even Aughra (who is one of the good guys) was ugly and scared me, I was young after all! We live in a world where the “heroes” are generally “eye pleasing”, so the concept that Aughra was a protector of The Crystal of truth, was beyond me as a child. It wasn’t until I was much older that I truly appreciated how amazing this movie is.

When I heard that Netflix was releasing The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, as a series no less, I can’t explain how excited I was! I had to watch the original movie again (of course) and then the countdown began to the much anticipated show!

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Series

Okay, so the show premiered just recently, and honestly, I LOVE IT! I didn’t really know what to expect, but so far I am completely enthralled with the show. SUPER impressed with everything. I have to force myself not to binge watch it all! Don’t get me wrong. I really want to watch the entire show, right now. But, I promised my man we would watch it together, so I have to wait, just like the old days, when you had to wait a whole week for the next episode of your favorite show. Except I luckily don’t have to wait that long! I will have the show completely watched by the end of this weekend no doubt!

For those of you who haven’t watched it yet (which you should!) I will try not to give any spoilers. This show is most likely not for the younger viewer, as it is a very dark series. To be honest, the plot is very involved, there are many characters, and in my opinion, might not hold the attention of younger children. Personally, I think the show is amazingly well done. The puppetry is what you would expect from The Jim Henson Company. Nothing less than outstanding.

Age of Resistance Shopping!

I could go on and on about the show, I honestly could. But we both know what you’re really here for. Where’s the loot?

As I always do, I have searched the internet high and low to find the best places online to get the coolest Dark Crystal swag, figurines and more! So if you have any Dark Crystal lovers in your family, consider checking out some sites below to get a good start on your Christmas or Birthday shopping!


I love collecting figurines. As you may know from my previous posts, that I have a nice collection started. I want more. I always want more! I found some cool sites that will cure my itch, and hopefully yours.

Skeksis Action Figure

If you’re on a budget, or looking for something you don’t mind your kids breaking then you can find a Skeksis Action Figure at

I also found these cute Rian and Deet figurines at, however these are not quite available yet (sad face). The site says that they will be available soon. So check back often to see when they Rian and Deet Action Figuresare released! You’ll want them before they sell out! I know I do!

Article link here:

Although, if you want to order these right now and just can’t wait, you can get them from Australia! You’ll want to check out

If you are looking for something a little more “high end”, like collector quality you can check out They have some really nice stuff that you WANT to see! My personal fave is this Dark Crystal Pendant:

But they also have this really cool limited edition (only 400 made!) Skekso (Emperor of the Skeksis) Statue for a mere $499. USD. The detail is amazing! If you are a true collector, you will appreciate the art work with this piece! You can find that here:


There is not a year that I go to a ComicCon, that I don’t come home with at least one new geeky shirt! It’s another guilty obsession. There are just too many shirts for me to own! I did track down some sites that offer a variety of shirts for the Dark Crystal lover in you and me both!

Gelfelline Shirt has a variety of Dark Crystal T-shirts. You can find them all here:

You’ve also got which also has quite a few shirts you can choose from:Dark Crystal Shirt Design offers shirts as well as hoodies that are unique. My personal fave is this Aughra Hoodie:

Aughra Hoodie

But you can find their full list of clothing available in all sizes here:

Other Stuff!

Okay so if you just want to get The Dark Crystal in your movie collection (although why you wouldn’t already have it I don’t know, but just in case!), you can find that on amazon for a reasonable price: The Dark Crystal DVD

You can also find this neat board game too! It comes with paintable miniatures (how cool is that!?), you can play to save Thra as Kira & Jen, or play to rule as the Skeksis! I hope this is under the tree for me this year! The Dark Crystal Board Game

Dark Crystal Ugly Christmas Sweater

One of my favorite sites though is They have all kinds of fun gifts, including this ugly Christmas sweater!

Dark Crystal Metal Lunch Box

And this cute vintage style metal lunch box! has many other items to offer. From Christmas decorations, adult coloring books, puzzles and other neat stuff worth checking out. If I’m not careful, I’m going to spend all my money here!:

I know you will enjoy what they have to offer, because I personally am already signing up and creating an account! I’ll definitely be shopping here myself! Plus they have all kinds of other cool stuff too! Enjoy!

Well, there you have it! All your Christmas shopping needs are covered. For anyone in your life, friend or family, or co-worker alike, who is absolutely in love with The Dark Crystal & The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance as much as I do, they will be very pleased! Shop away and have fun!

**Disclaimer – is not affiliated with any of the above listed websites. Nor is liable for any issues arising from ordering from any of the above listed websites. If you have any issues, or need returns/refunds with orders from the above listed sites, you will have to deal with the vendor/seller directly.

Game of Thrones 4D Puzzle – And more!

game_of_thrones_4D_puzzleHello Everyone!

I am excited to share that I have released my newest video! This video shows the completion of my Game of Thrones 4D puzzle that I have been working on for months! Yay!

This puzzle is a 4D map of Westeros & Essos. It is a very cool puzzle and I enjoyed putting it together (except for the ocean….. so many ocean pieces!).

To celebrate this, I wanted to share with you where to find the coolest Game of Thrones swag I could find. That’s right! I searched the Internet and found some of the most popular sites to order from AND checked out the reviews, so YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

If you are looking for anything Game of Thrones related check out these sites:

Boxlunch offers shipping to all 50 states and to over 150+ countries. All prices are in USD.

This site has some pretty cool stuff. Some of it is pretty standard and you can find easily. Some of their items are a bit more niche, such as this cool Iron Throne Desk lamp:Game_of_Thrones_Desk_Lamp

For a full list of GOT items, check out this link:


After researching multiple review sites, I am finding that they have mixed reviews. Mostly on the length of time it takes for them to process orders and get them shipped out. Everyone seems happy with the products once they receive them though, So only order from this site if you’re in no rush!

EMP also offers a variety of swag. If you’re looking for T-shirts, Funko Pops or mugs this is definitely a site to check out.

This site is based in the EU so all pricing is in EUR. Looks like shipping might be limited and rather expensive if you are looking to order from Canada or the US.

They have a really cool White Walker Goblet that you can find here:game_of_thrones_goblet

For a full list of all Game of Thrones products check out this link:


Ok, so this site seems to have some issues with returns and customer service. Very mixed reviews online. Most people are very happy with the products, however, if you have any issues with the products, and need a return or refund, it is very difficult to get good service. My take on this: Don’t order clothing from this site (or at least make sure you are checking the sizing charts to avoid any possible returns), but anything not size related is good to go!

Hot Topic ships to the US and to over 150+ countries. All pricing for this site is in USD.

This site has some cool stuff. They have figurines, board games, bags/purses and more!

If you like board games you might want to check out this cool CLUE Game of Thrones edition:game_of_thrones_clue

You can find Hot Topic’s full list of GOT items here:


This site also has quite a few mixed reviews. From what I can see, most of the “bad” reviews seem to be from customers actually in the store having a bad experience with their employees. If you’re ordering online, the products get good reviews.


I personally really like They have quite a few more unique items that I have not seen on the other sites I have been to. They have 3D dragons you can hang on your wall, and a really cool vintage style map too!

I really liked this Tormund Got Milk T-shirt! (My man might find this under the tree this year for Christmas!):


Or, if you are looking for a very nice collector’s piece, check out this amazing chess set!:

For a full list of what Etsy has to offer, check out this link:

*note – all pricing for the above link is in CAD. Shipping costs are dependent on the individual seller.


Due to the fact that Etsy is a marketplace for many vendors/sellers, it is really difficult to provide reviews.

Grindstore is a UK based company. They do ship worldwide. All pricing is in Pounds.

They have some neat stuff on this site, including this game of RISK Game of Thrones edition (currently out of stock, it’s that popular!):

They also have everything from T-shirts, notebooks, mugs, posters and more. For a full list click on the below link:


So far this site has the BEST reviews! They have an excellent rating from almost all of their customers. Quick delivery, and excellent quality. I definitely recommend checking this site out!

Game of Thrones Shop is an online based business. They have warehouses in China and the US. Shipping can take anywhere from 10 to 30 business days, depending on which warehouse the product is coming from.

They do ship to over 200 Countries and all orders take 2 to 5 days to process.

For any of you who have not read the books yet, you can get the E-book set here:game_of_thrones_books

This site offers phone cases, jewelry, pillows and other unique items. Check out their site below:


Okay so I looked all over the net and could not find any reviews on this site at all. Order at your own risk!


Of course Amazon is going to have all kinds of what you are looking for! Seriously, they have the books, board games, dragon egg candles, blankets and everything else you can imagine!

For a full list of items available check out the link:


Amazon gets a huge 4 out of 5 stars! I mean Amazon has been around for years, we all know what we are getting into when ordering from them. I know that I personally have never had a problem with my orders and for the few people I know who had to deal with them for refunds or returns, there has not ever been a problem! Order away!


Okay so the most obvious place to order your Game of Thrones swag is from Although it looks like they only ship to the US and Canada.

They have quite a bit to offer, like these Unisex White Walker Running Shoes made by Adidas:



Keep in mind that this is HBO so all pricing is premium, however you are getting good quality. For a list of new GOT arrivals check out the link:


I couldn’t find any reviews for this site. I would like to assume that HBO wants to keep a good name for themselves.

Game of Thrones 4D Puzzle

Last but not least, the PUZZLE!!! I found the exact puzzle that I have completed in my video on amazon. You can find that in the below link!


They have some other puzzles there too!

If you want to check out my video to see the puzzle first you can do that below:

Get shopping!

Thanks so much for checking out my list of sites to get all your Game of Thrones gear! With only so many days left until Christmas, it’s time to get shopping!

I hope this makes it easier to get some of your geeky friends off of that Christmas shopping to do list!

If you have any comments on the above listed sites, please leave them below!

Have fun!


**Disclaimer – is not affiliated with any of the above listed websites. Nor is liable for any issues arising from ordering from any of the above listed websites. If you have any issues, or need returns/refunds with orders from the above listed sites, you will have to deal with the vendor/seller directly.

Nerdy Gamer Girl – The Beginning

minecraft_blocksI spent most of my life “pretending” that I wasn’t a geek or nerd. I grew up in a generation where playing video games was only for rainy days, and only if you could afford one (they were a luxury “toy” at the time). Gaming wasn’t a thing and you weren’t cool if you played video games. The terms “gamer” or “nerdy gamer girl” were definitely not used, and E-sports were just a baby.

It wasn’t until later in life that I would start to realize how much of a geek/nerd/gamer I really was.

Nerd or Geek?

I often wondered what category I would put myself into:

1. Nerdy gamer girl

2. Geeky gamer girl

What was the difference?

According to online search results, the main difference between nerd and geek is that one is an introvert and the other is more of an extrovert, usually obsessed with some sort of geek thing such as Star Trek or Warcraft.

I would assume that nerds are also into geeky things though right? I mean, are all introverts nerds? Maybe some people don’t like to go out and they don’t like geeky/nerdy things? So what does that make them? Who knows?

If you had asked me when I was younger which category I would put myself into, I would have said neither. I loved playing video games but grew up in a poor family so we didn’t have any consoles in our house. Or a computer! I know right! Crazy!

The Start of a Gamer

When I was a kid, I was a real tomboy. I very rarely hung out with girls my age. They were kinda boring, always playing Barbie’s and My Little Pony (don’t get me wrong I did LOVE My Little Pony and had many of them), but I was more into climbing trees and exploring the little forests around where we lived. It was the Free Range days and I was out and about with the boys on my Blue Angel bike.

I did have some interactions with video games at an early age. My Aunt had an Atari when it was new, so when we would get together for the Holidays, I would get a chance to play. She was also the first in the family to have a Computer. That was retro gaming before it was retro.


My other Aunt had a Nintendo when it came out. I remember spending part of the summer with her and my cousins. The 3 of us were allowed to go to the video store and pick out one game to play. We picked out “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. We were only allowed to play so much a day, and we had to take one hour turns each (to avoid fights), but we had so much fun.

As I got older I started hanging out at friends’ houses more often, and that was when I was introduced to “Street Fighter” and “Mortal Kombat”. Wow, I loved those games. We used to sit in the basement and play all day, if we were allowed of course!

And then I moved out on my own, worked, started the whole “adulting” thing, as we all do. This is when my gaming passion really started. My friend’s and I would pool all our cash together and rent the latest console and games. I would have all night gaming “parties”. It was a great time.

The Birth of a New Gaming Generation

Eventually the whole “adulting” thing caught up with me and I had kids lol. For a while my gaming took a big back seat. First of all, kids are expensive. Second, I was just too busy and too tired to play a lot. As my son got older that started to change. I think my son was maybe 2 or 3 years old and I started playing “Dark Cloud” for the PlayStation 2. Well, my son LOVED watching me play this game. Then he wanted to try to play. So I would go into the caves and kill the bad guys, get the loot, and then let him build the towns. He loved it.

When my son was 5, we got him a Nintendo 64 and “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. This is the game where I knew I had, unintentionally, turned my son into a video game lover. We played this game together for hours on end. We still consider it a family classic to this day! What great memories!

Since then, we have always had gaming consoles in our home. I never once kept gaming away from my kids. If anything I most likely allowed my kids to play more than I should have. But I have no regrets as a parent. Both of my kids are wonderful well-adjusted young adults with a healthy passion for life and gaming.

My son, now, is a competitive gamer in the Super Smash Bros Community. Smash_tournamentHe goes to tournaments (like GOML) and sometimes he wins! He is on an E-Sports Team and is doing quite well building his gaming career. I am PROUD to be a part of that! I feel like I contributed to building the next generation of passionate gamers and this is great!

Even my daughter plays video games like “Apex Legends”, “COD” and “Fortnite” sometimes. She has even played “Resident Evil 7” on the PlayStation VR! I honestly would not have the balls to do this (although she wouldn’t play unless someone was physically in the room with her, even though she couldn’t see them lol)! .

The Question Continues…..

I have seen gaming evolve drastically in my lifetime. From the Atari to the VR stuff available now. It blows my mind how far we have come. And it leaves me with the question: If everyone is gaming, does that make everyone a geek or a nerd? And I still am left with the question of which one I am?

Again, a nerd is an introvert. I am an introvert. I would rather be at home playing on my computer, working on my YouTube channel or playing games with my family, or online. I try to avoid leaving the house as much as possible.

Calgary_Expo_Joker_and_batmanA geek is an extrovert. Sometimes I can be an extrovert. I like going out to the local ComicCon we have yearly. I also like going to my Son’s gaming tournaments. Like mentioned above, I have a YouTube channel, so this forces me to be more outgoing, even if it is only in front of a camera. I generally only go to social events if I am forced to.



I am definitely a gamer, since I have played video games my entire life, and will likely continue to play video games until I die.

Am I a Geek or a Nerd?

So where do I fit in?

I obviously carry characteristics from both sides……

Personally I think there is a fine line between being a Geek or a Nerd. I always felt that I have a bit of both inside of me. So it was a bit difficult to choose which one I am. I guess If I had to pick one, according to definition, I would say I am a nerdy gamer girl, although some might say differently. I really think in the end, that either or is totally fine! And we all know that it takes both kinds to keep the gaming industry going.

So, introvert or extrovert, nerd or geek, keep on gaming and have fun doing it!

Let me know your opinions in the comments!

Until next time, PEACE!


About Me

Hi there!

My name is PeachMuM77. Welcome to my website! I’m so very excited to have you here, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit about myself.


I have loved and played video games since I was a young girl (back when Atari was new!). Since then, I have continued to play video games my entire life. I play on many consoles and of course my PC! I play all kinds of games, from racing to fighting. I’m passionate about them all.

Additionally, I also love to go to my local Comic-Con as often as possible. How could you not be addicted to the sights and sounds? I’m passionate about all the people who are Cos-Playing (which I do myself sometimes), the celebrities, the booths, the whole deal. I always walk away wishing I could be there every day……. sigh.

I am a noob You Tuber. My content is mostly videos on all thing’s geek and gaming. So far I have a variety of videos that are probably kinda lame at this point…….. I won’t lie lol. It’s a work in progress, and I’m always learning with every video. I’m also currently working on a big project that I can’t wait to finish and release. So stay tuned for updates on that!


Did I mention that additionally, I love to collect all kinds of geeky odds and ends, toys, plushies, figurines, and generally anything geek or gaming related? YES! This is part of who I am! lol I can’t help it, and I’m always looking out for cool geeky stuff and clothes. From the Internet to my local thrift store, I’m constantly finding little thing’s to add to my collection.







Then one day I thought to myself, why not share that passion with the world? This is how All Things Geek & Gaming came to be.


I want to be able to provide you access to the latest and greatest Geeky and Gaming related items available. Everything from clothing, accessories, collectibles and more!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. I would also love any feedback on what products you would like to see on my site!

All the best & peace,