10 Things to do While in Self Isolation or Quarantine

If you’re anything like me, you have already put yourself into self isolation as much as possible in order to stay healthy and prevent being the spreader of this awful COVID-19.

Although for some of us, it can be easy to find ways to entertain ourselves, for others it can be rather difficult. Especially if you are used to being out and about quite often.

I know its easy to spend your days binging your favorite shows on your favorite streaming services, however if everyone is doing this, it does create a certain strain on the system (according to The European Union who has strongly urged for streaming services to stop showing video in high definition).

If you’re one of those people who is fresh out of ideas, I have made a list for single people and families alike to keep busy, be productive and possibly enjoy this time of self isolation/quarantine.

#1 – Board Games

Okay, so almost everyone has some old board games in the cupboard or basement right? Now is the perfect time to blow off the dust from these awesome old classics, like Monopoly or Clue that have been waiting for you to play them!

Sick of those old games? No problem! There are so many new board games out there to try! And you don’t even have to leave your house to get them! Luckily you can order online and have them delivered right to your house.

Check out Exploding Kittens for a fun family game (despite the name) that kids and adults can play alike.

#2 – Try a New Recipe

If you are stuck by your self, there’s no reason you can’t eat like a king! Even if you don’t know how to cook, there are so many recipes online you can explore. What I like to do is sometimes go into my fridge and/or pantry and pick some ingredients I have on hand. I then type those ingredients into Google and 9 times out of 10 I will find something new to try without having to leave my house!

If you’re stuck at home with the kids, try getting them to help you bake in the kitchen. Kids usually love to help measure, mix and roll out dough. Not only is this great bonding time with your kids, it can help keep them busy for a couple of hours! Plus at the end, you all get to eat some delicious goodies. Check out this neat family cook book for some fun ideas!

#3 – Read a Book

While this may sound like an archaic way to spend your time, reading is a very healthy way to keep your brain active. Reading can also be a great source of stress release as you sail away into another world and forget all your troubles!

You can pick up an old book from the shelf and kill away quite a few hours (if not days, depending on the book!). Books are now also available online to download and read right on your PC if you don’t own an E-Reader.

And if you have smaller ones around and find it difficult to get that quiet time to sit down and read to yourself, you can read to your kids! Again, this is perfect bonding time to spend with your family! Not only do they sit and listen for a while, you are instilling good reading practices in your little ones.

If you have older kids, take turns reading from the book. This way everyone is involved, and little do they know, not only are they occupied, but practicing their reading skills! SHHHH, don’t let them know!

#4 – Puzzles

Puzzles are great for eating up many hours, and possibly days of your time. There are so many to choose from! There is a puzzle for every person out there. Whether you like golfing, cooking, gemstones, butterflies, space etc. there is a puzzle with a picture that will call to you. You might even have some old puzzles that are just waiting for you to put them together.

If you don’t have any puzzles or are just sick of your old ones, there are plenty online you can choose from. If you need more of a challenge you can always check out some 3D and 4D puzzles (like my Game of Thrones 4D puzzle!). Those always pose a unique challenge.

Whatever your tastes are, there is a puzzle for you! So find a table-top, start putting the pieces together, and share in the comments what are your favorite puzzles?

#5 – Pick a Project

Okay, we all have a project that we have been avoiding for as long as we could remember. Clearing out old projects is a perfect way to productively spend your day. Not only will you feel accomplished but you will also no longer have these projects haunting you. Or preventing you from starting a new project!

This can be anything from finishing up an old craft, organizing/cleaning out the old junk drawer or completing some needed repairs around the house. Finishing up those To-Do lists can be quite rewarding, and help to take your mind off of your current situation. Instead of feeling like your trapped inside your home, you can look at this as an opportunity to get some stuff done!

#6 – Pick a Room

Tired of that old bathroom theme? Sick of that color in the guest room? Kids room need some reorganization? Now is a great time to pick any room in your home and give it a makeover.

There are many videos on YouTube that can help you with inspiration if you’re not the creative type (personally, I have no sense of style). And you can easily change the feel of a room without spending that much money!

Order up some new accessories and organizers online, get some paint (or cover up that old wall with a new tapestry!) and have some fun recreating the space you live in.

#7 – Start a New Hobby

Have you been wanting to learn something new? Seems like now is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. Anything you want to learn, you can! All the information you need is at the touch of your fingertips!

Okay, so maybe right now is not the right time to learn how to play the trumpet! However, there are many other things to try. Need help with ideas? I found this list at hobbyhelp.com which has hundreds of new hobby ideas! Have fun!

#8 – Video Games

While not every parents favorite choice, there are some games available that can be fun and educational. My personal favorite (even for me to play) is Minecraft. You can challenge your little ones with building a house (or something else) and watch how creative they can be. This will give you valuable quiet time.

I personally really love video games, and can spend many hours playing a good game. If you’re a gamer, then you likely have an old console or game that you haven’t touched for a long time. Well, no time like the present! Now is the time to pull out your favorite game and have some fun.

Currently, I am playing XCOM 2 on my PS4 and am quite enjoying it. I did play XCOM when it came out, but have never played the second one, so I’m really excited about having the time to play!

#9 – Start Your Own Website

Do you have a passion? Now is the time to share that passion with the world! There is NO BETTER time to start your own website and write about what you love! Nowadays you can have a website on just about any topic. All you have to do is write about what you know or love and then share that!

There are many kinds of websites that you can create! How about a healthy living website. Might be good timing to share any and/or all health tips you might have with the world! You can potentially really help a lot of people.

Or you can make a cooking website, all about cooking with ingredients you have on hand. Or a site helping people learn something new. If you’re a crafty or creative person, you can sell your own goods! There really is no better time then right now to start your dream!

Don’t know what you’re doing? Or how to even begin? I was there once too! Now I have this awesome site, that you’re on right now! I found this amazing online community that walked me through the steps one by one to create this wonderful site. I would have never thought I could create something so amazing, but I did, and so can you! So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

#10 – Start an at Home Gym Routine

Now is a very important time for all of us to focus on staying healthy. Eating healthy foods, getting plenty of rest and keeping active are all part of keeping our immune systems functioning well. Being cooped up inside for two weeks does make it challenging to stay active for most of us.

Creating an at home routine is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Schedule a time for yourself and then just do it. I like to look up Yoga videos online and I pull out my mat right in the living room and follow the video. It can be as easy as that.

If you’re not into Yoga, that’s ok. There are plenty of other ways to work out around your house! As always, you can find a video on just about anything you want online! You can even turn everyday chores into a work out routine!

Above all else, Stay Healthy and Wash Your Hands!

In the coming weeks, we are all going to have to find a way to keep our mental health as well as our physical health in good shape. I truly hope that this list helps a bit with both!

If you have any ideas that are not on this list, PLEASE SHARE in the comments! The more ideas, the better!

Take care everyone!

6 Comments on “10 Things to do While in Self Isolation or Quarantine

  1. Love the list. Some really good ideas here. The link ton the list of hobbies is really handy. Gonna check that out and start a new hobby I think. And going old school with the board games is going to be fun. Happy Isolation to you!

  2. Hello,
    What a great list of things to do during the self isolation at home. I would say someone can also try to start learning a new language. Learning a new language will not only be good for our brain but also in the long run if we can speak it well, who knows we can get a good paying jon in the future. 🙂
    Thank you for your post.

  3. It’s really boring to be isolated in our home and have nothing to do at all, I might try some of the list mentioned above. Thank you for the article 🙂

  4. As a gamer myself, I really enjoy your website here! I will certainly be coming back to nerd out with you! Not only that, but you listed some really great ways to use our free time at home and still have fun, in a safe way. I have to admit, that I am very excited about this website! #nerdforlife

  5. I agree, during these times, staying inside and getting creative so as not to get bored is a must. These are some great ideas, and I haven’t worked out in a such a long time, now would be a good time to start back up.

    Finding a fellow gamer always makes me excited and not feel so alone, I’m glad I found your site here and I will be looking forward to more of your posts!

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