Fortnite Chapter 2 – Are There Bots In Fortnite?

Well, it’s a new chapter in Fortnite and with it brings a whole new world!


I think pretty much everyone was held in suspense when Epic Games decided to “go dark” with their most popular game by bringing everyone to a black hole loading screen after the live event for season 10, for almost 2 whole days!

Naturally we couldn’t wait to play Chapter 2 of Fortnite! When I woke up Tuesday morning, one of the first things I did was get my computer on so I could download the update, which honestly felt like forever!

I absolutely LOVED the intro and being thrown into a match right away with no skins, no map, and some awesome music to get you pumped up! You can check out my #FirstDrop in the video below!

However, I quickly noticed something was off. I had to ask the question: Are there bots in Fortnite?

Are There Bots?

At first I didn’t really notice the change. I was mostly playing team rumble matches to open up my map and explore this awesome new world! Everything was normal.

It wasn’t until I was playing some duo matches with my man, that we started to notice some “off” behavior from the other players. Their shooting was irregular. They were running into walls, breaking things and not picking up the loot or ammo, and they were way too easy to kill.

It didn’t take us long to realize that these were not real people playing at all! These were bots!

What. The. Heck.

Positives of Bots

In previous seasons, I knew where I stood compared to other players. I am an average player. I’m not strong in building skills like some of these wanna be try hards that like to build a tower in 3 seconds while I’m still trying to get the right gun out. Yes, I suck compared to the Pros. I have never denied this.

If I won a match, it was a great victory for me, and usually a fluke lol. I mean, I did sometimes win but it was not a regular occurrence. Mostly I enjoyed the rumble matches and LTM’s because they were a little more laid back in nature and a bit more fun for me.

I feel that having these bots in the game, have completely changed my game style in Fortnite. Where in the past I would be more of a passive player, I find now I am much more of an aggressive player.

When you start the game, and you go basically to any named location, there are bots that land there as well. It really boosts my confidence when I get some kills right away in the match. This gets me pumped up and excited for more. So instead of shying away from a confrontation, I am taking those shots and trying to get those kills.

Sometimes I get killed. Sometimes I don’t. More and more this season though, I am staying alive, and winning matches!

This boosts my stats considerably. My kills are going up, my wins are going up. Does this mean I became a better player? No. I don’t think I “got good” overnight, but it has improved my game play considerably.

Negatives of Bots?

I think it’s great that Epic Games has made Fortnite a much more fun game to play for us “average” players. We needed that to keep wanting to play. Like I stated before, I avoided solo matches because I knew I wasn’t good enough to win (unless by total accident), but now I am winning matches daily (not all in Solos, but also in Duos and Squads). This is not something that happened before Chapter 2.

However, do bots give us average players a false sense of being a better player than we actually are? I really think so. If you put me in a 1V1 match with any “good” player or streamer, I would likely humiliate myself.

I do believe there are more changes than just adding in the bots though.



I am sure you have noticed that now in Fortnite beside every player name is their level. It shows this to all the other players when you thank the bus driver.

But have you also noticed that most of the other players are lower level than you? Or equally leveled? Have you played any matches where the other players are “anonymous streamers” like previous seasons? Have you had ANY matches with players that are extremely higher leveled than you?

I am asking you this because I have noticed these things with my matches in Solos, Duos and Squads. I truly believe that Epic Games has incorporated Skill Based Match Making into the game play. This means that they are no longer just throwing everyone from the same region randomly into matches together. They are very specifically matching players with other players that are at the same skill level, and bots are the “filler” to make certain there are always 100 per match (this is my personal opinion and not confirmed). If this is true, this is GREAT! And in my personal opinion about time!

Now I know there are a lot of players that are going to complain about this. Heck you can’t make everyone happy, (and Kudos to Epic for continually trying). Now the streamers can play with streamers and the rest of us can enjoy the game again!

No matter what the complaints are out there, I am very happy with the changes. I LIKE getting more kills. I LIKE winning more matches, and I like feeling that I am not the worst player ever (which is how I felt before, and one of the main reasons I do not stream my game play).

I love this new Chapter in Fortnite and I am excited to see how this season will evolve, especially with Halloween and Christmas around the corner!


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Until next time, have fun!

Peach, Love & Happiness!



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  1. Hey, very detailed post. Fornite is a free to play game so it attracts more bots and cheaters unfortunately. I am a gamer too and it can really mess up the game. Hope they improve bot detection.

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