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If you are anything like my family, you love Lego and you love Minecraft. When Lego decided to put the 2 together it was a perfect blend! A video game where everything is block shaped, a toy that builds with blocks, what a beautiful combination. We, of course just had to get our hands on some kits! We were so excited to get them that we didn’t even open them for the longest time! However, we did finally break down to play with them. What good is a toy that never get’s played with? It was so much fun!

Now, if you are a parent you likely know that Minecraft is not a free game to play (they do have a demo version you can try for a very limited time). So I decided to search the internet to see if there were any free online Lego Minecraft games for your little ones to play.

Online Games:

Okay, I searched, and I searched, and searched some more. Honestly I was surprised to learn there is only one actual game you can play! If you have already played Minecraft then this game will not be exciting for you at all. I tried playing it myself and sadly found it very lacking, compared to the original game.

If you have a toddler who is learning to play on the computer, and you don’t want to pay to play, then you can check out the free game below. :

You will find that there are quite a few other websites that offer the same version of this game. I have explored all of them personally and they generate the same world, so it doesn’t really matter which site you choose.

The Lego world generated is in true Minecraft style. A very simple block world only with the basic of biome. Each time, I spawned in the water. I found the Island a bit small compared to the actual version of the game. You can however explore, mine materials, and build. Don’t dig to far down though, as you will fall through and re spawn back where you started. It is simple, but this is great for the younger crowd!


When we originally purchased our Lego Minecraft kits it was from a website that sadly no longer exists today. There are, however, many other sites where you can find them. As always, I looked around to see which sites offered these toys nowadays (I have a nephew who might be happy to get one of these, but last year it was Star Wars, so who knows what it will be this year lol), and here are some ones I found:


The first site I went to for toys related to Lego and Minecraft was Toys R Us Canada. Toys R Us Lego Minecraft

They have a large variety of kits available for a competitive price. I have to say that I am impressed with the variety you can get now. For the collector and player alike! All pricing is in CAD. You can find the full list of what they have to offer here:


My next stop was Walmart online. They also have quite a variety to choose from. Some of their pricing is really good when you catch a sale, so it’s always worth checking out to see what kind of deals you can find there. Walmart offers more than just the Lego kits if your child is really into Minecraft. You check out what they have here:


If you are shopping from the UK, then I found a cute little site called Smyths Toys. You can find all sorts of kits on their site.

Smyth Toys Lego Minecraft

Pricing seems pretty standard, and if you have an account with them, you get free delivery! That’s always nice! You can check out their website here for easy delivery to your friends/family abroad (or yourself, if that’s where you live and you are reading my article!):

If you are in a big rush, and absolutely cannot wait for delivery then you can also find these toys at most popular stores that carry games or toys, like EB Games:

My personal opinion, with Christmas around the corner it’s best to shop around. Find the best prices. All the sites listed above are going to have sales, so check them all out before making a decision if your looking for the best deals.


If your child is into reading (or not, maybe these books would get them interested in reading!) then try combining their love of Minecraft with some cool books. Minecraft Lab For Kids

Indigo books online has an amazing selection. Everything from adventure books to science experiment books (next science fair at school can be fun AND educational!) and even guides on all you need to know about surviving the Minecraft ocean, or enchantments and potions!

Check out the link below and get your child excited about reading for this school year!


My favorite part about T-shirts, is that nowadays they really are a form of self-expression. You can showcase your favorite bands and what concerts you have been to. You are able to show off your favorite super hero, T.V. show and of course video game!

Since my “favorite” geeky shopping site is no longer in existence (sad face), I had to peruse the internet to see where I can find some cool Minecraft shirts and clothing. And YAY! Did I ever get lucky! I found my new favorite site for ALL things Minecraft! is THE place to find everything you are looking for this Christmas/Birthday! From cute costumes, party supplies, clothing, board games, toys, you name it! They have it! I am very excited to share this site with. Especially if you are looking for some cool and interesting stuff for girls and boys alike!

Minecraft Charm BraceletMinecraft Winter Hat Minecraft T-shirt




You can search the internet for other places to find Minecraft swag, but in my personal opinion, no other site has this kind of variety. You can go into their sales category and sort from lowest to highest price to find all sorts of gifts for under $10! One cannot beat these kinds of deals!

I hope this guide was as helpful for you as it was fun for me to put together for you! Let me know what you think of these sites in the comments below!

P.S. If you like Minecraft check out my latest video:

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Have Fun Shopping!

Peace, Love & Happiness!


**Disclaimer – is not affiliated with any of the above listed websites. Nor is liable for any issues arising from ordering from any of the above listed websites. If you have any issues, or need returns/refunds with orders from the above listed sites, you will have to deal with the vendor/seller directly.

6 Comments on “Lego Minecraft Games – Your Best Shopping Guide!

  1. I absolutely love this! I never knew this game existed, and it’s something that I can actually play with my children and enjoy it. My little girl loves playing Minecraft, so I could imagine how much she will like this game!
    This seems like it would be relaxing like the main series game, and that helps a lot too on a stressful day!

    Jessie Mosley

    • I am so glad to hear! I hope that you and your children enjoy hours of fun together!

  2. awesome list, it’s nice to have all these links in one place, super useful for parents like myself who have kids that love Minecraft!

    • Thank you for the positive feedback! Wanting to make it easier for parents to find the “geeky” stuff their kids will enjoy, all on one website, is my personal goal!

  3. My seventeen year old absolutely loves Minecraft and legos. He would wear the t-shirts in his earlier years but has outgrown the style now. He also might be a bit embarrassed at Legos now. Still, he’d be secretly thrilled with such a cool surprise. There are some things we never outgrow. I just thought of something, I could buy a shirt for me, then see if he steals it. lol!

    • LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if he does “steal” it! My son is now an adult and still loves the “geeky” shirts (so does my husband actually!). It makes my Holiday shopping a bit easier! Let me know what your son is into, and maybe I can help out!

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